The teachings of a hedgehog

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Whenever I start something new, the first thing I do is read. These last weeks, working on a concept for a business, I read a lot of management bestsellers, including Good to Great by Jim Collins. In this book I found a proven model for creating a business, called the Hedgehog Concept. …

Are you heading in the right direction?

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On the road, when you follow the direction signs you get to wherever you’re heading for. I have discovered only recently the same principle applies to everything in life. Nowadays, instead of saying where I don’t want to go, getting me nowhere, I simply state where I do want to go and automatically find the direction signs pointing to my destination.  …

Where will it lead?

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What I choose to do or how I choose to react directly influences what happens next. Different reactions trigger different chains of events. Choosing A will yield different outcomes than choosing B. An eye for an eye, a smile for a smile. Whatever I choose to do, there are always …

A question

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A voice said, Look me in the stars And tell me truly, men of earth, If all the soul-and-body scars Were not too much to pay for birth. Robert Frost