Connectedness. A word that indicates how connected  you are. To the internet. To the  human web. To friends.

The need to connect or belong seems to be growing.  Who are you, if not connected to another? To a degree, it is true that a person is a person through their relationship to others. But how many relationships does one need to feel connected? Need being the pivotal word  in that sentence, for it expresses lack of something, a relationship in this case. Need is a state of disconnectedness. A place of scarcity, where one is focused on what one does not want, like feeling alone. Could it be true that we are so desparately trying to connect because we have lost the main Connection? To Self?

What I know for  sure.  When I am Connected, I feel love, joy and appreciation for all that is. I feel whole. Being Connected, my connectedness comes from a place of wanting. I connect with you because I deeply enjoy sharing this experience with you.  Any medium will do.

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    hi Rizal, my sincere apologies for getting back to you so late! Know that you are always welcome here to participate. Wonderful that my words touched you. May your light shine brightly. Love to you ,Norea

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