First creation



When I first read Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, I was struck by what he called first and second creation. He likened it to creating a blue print of a house and then building it. I had never thought about it before, but it made such sense. It is obvious Covey knew the secret to building a great life, but he did not tell us all he knew about it.

Having a blueprint isn’t enough when creating a great life. When my love and I were in the process of buying our first home, seventeen years ago, we got a luxury folder with not only the layouts of our prospect home, but also artist impressions of both the outside and inside, and even a VHS tape with an animated tour through our soon to be home. We were sold.
In that same way, if we want something, whether it is a new car, a job, or health, we have to sell it to ourselves by making it as tangible as possible. We want to tell it, draw it, imagine it, picture it, sing it, feel it, dance it, live it, be it, breathe it. We want to make our first creation so alive that it evokes the manifestation of it.

Our first creation is faith-based. Only when we have lured ourselves into believing beyond a doubt that our desire will manifest, it will be pulled into being. During first creation, we must find ways to distract ourselves from our doubts long enough to become pregnant with possibility. First creation is a work of the heart. We must find ways to activate our heart energy often and become so infused with her truth that our doubts no longer have power over us. Our hearts will tell us that, no matter how impossible it may seem, it is always possible. Our hearts will inspire a love so strong that we will be able to move mountains
In first creation, there is no making it happen, there is no going out there and doing it. First creation is about making it so real on the inside that its creation will follow effortlessly on the outside. This is the stuff miracles are made off. Most of us don’t make it to the miracle part, but we can become powerful creators nonetheless. Once we shift from trying to make it happen to becoming it and then allowing it to happen, our lives will change dramatically.


picture by Macin Smolinski