Full circle

It is strange how sometimes things just seem to come together. Somewhat more than a week ago, I decided to throw out all conceptions I had about myself. From the moment I did, it has been almost silent in my head. My inner-critic seems to have taken a vacation. The world has become a lighter place, more pleasurable and peaceful.

A few days later, I started reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth and I feel I’ve come full circle, at last. I did not know Eckhart Tolle previous books, but I was captivated by the subtitle Awakening to your Life’s purpose. Reading this book felt like coming home to me.  I was able put my journey into perspective and found a deep sense of peace. The book rang true with me on the deepest level.  I’m trying to come up with a metaphore, but the only thing that comes to mind is the fresh breeze that  blows through a house when you open the windows during a spring cleaning to let out the stale winter air. You smell spring and all you want to do is take a deep breath, let it all in. What Tolle writes is not new, but it certainly is renewing.

If you define yourself as a seeker, if you want to learn more about you, (your) Life and its meaning, this book will leave you speechless. It is mindblowing, litterally. With the book comes a once in a lifetime opportunity of attending world’s largest class online with Oprah and Eckhart . Join a community of over half a million people worldwide that are ready for change. Read, listen and be transformed.