Happiness is yours

Do you love Life? For better, for worse? Are you grateful? In good and bad times? Are you happy? No matter what? What if loving Life unconditionally creates happiness?

I have learned that accepting all its lessons with grace, creates maximum opportunity for gratitude. Being grateful for everything that comes your way creates abundance in unimaginable ways. Recognizing the abundance in everything ruins the illusion of loss and scarcity. Without fear, true happiness will be yours, it will be the undercurrent in your life.

When you love Life as it is, you will know, again, the unshakable core of your being.

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  1. “accepting all its lessons with grace”

    This is the line for me… I am learning to find meaning in all my lessons… looking for the ones I do not realize are there even… one day I will accept with grace…

    as always you make great sense! your words always seem to be perfect… thank you

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