I keep walking ’till the sun comes up

Several years ago, I wrote a mission statement for my life. When I look at it now, it is clear I didn’t understand exactly how to write it; how powerful language is. But most of all I didn’t ask myself how I could make it true. I didn’t make a plan to make it work. I didn’t understand a mission statement is a sort of living will, it not only ensures that I am aware of what I want in life, it provides a plan to act on. These last weeks, I’ve been thinking about creating version 2.0., but I didn’t know exactly how to handle it. This week, while reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done, I learned exactly how to make it happen. All I needed were the right questions to ask myself and some knowledge on how I process information.

What is the purpose of my life? I am at my best when I’m acting how? I now know my goals have to be clear and specific, for me to be motivated and focused.
What will my life be like when I live my purpose successfully? How will it look, feel and sound like? Apparently, my focus directs my brain to getting what I want. So I’d better think big: I’m going to envision a life beyond my dreams.
How can I get the life I have in mind? All I have to do is ask myself that particular question and my brain will come up with zillions of answers. But for my brain to be willing to release it’s full potential, I must restrain from judging. I’ll have to trust my brain to come up with the answers I need.
What has to happen to create a successful outcome? In which order? What will ensure my success? Here, I just look at what has my brain come up with.  I’ll organize all the puzzle pieces and I’ll come up with kind of a plan. It will not be complete, but it will be start. The rest will come to me when I’m on my way. My brain will be on the outlook.
And last but not least. I’ll ask myself which step I need to take to get me going. And after that I’ll keep walking. After I’ve completed an action, I’ll decide on a next action to complete. I keep on walking ‘till the sun comes up.

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