It’s a kind of magic




It is Wednesday, I have just done my two hours of writing. I have one and a half hour left to write my blog and I have no clue what to write about. So I let my fingers hover over the key board and trust that the words will come. It is what I have been doing this last week and it has been a miraculous proces. I feel a buzz at the top of my head and the story flows out of my hands. I am doing the formulating, the writing and yet I am not working alone. The story somehow develops itself. I will sit down, I will have an inkling of an idea and that’s it, what happens next comes as a surprise.
In eight days, I have written almost 13.000 words. Wow! And that in only two hours a day. I am learning to trust the proces. Interestingly, the effort is not in the writing, the effort is in allowing the magic to happen. There are moments when I feel stuck, but that is only when I don’t trust enough, when I don’t allow the flow to come through me, when I am forcing.
Where this all will lead, I don’t know, and I don’t need to know. I am at peace with that. I don’t even know if the writing is any good, and that’s okay too. I trust that somehow this all will work out. I trust that the Universe does not put a flame in my heart, provides oxygen for it to burn and then does not light a room with it.


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