Keep moving

Yesterday, it hit me: I’ve been here before. I’m not talking about reincarnation. I mean I have been at this exact stage of learning this same lesson. Last time I was here, I do remember me saying that now that I got it I would finally live my life the way I was meant to. Yesterday, I was about to say the same. But I didn’t. It suddenly occurred to me that although it may not have been the way I had had in mind, interestingly enough I had.

Where some time ago I would have felt immense frustration for seemingly not moving forward, I now see that I have moved forward immensely. Maybe not on the outside, but very much on the inside. My image of myself and of the world has changed enormously, and therefore I have changed.  It is a 180˚ change. It may be what people call transformation. I have no doubt that this change will manifest in my life. As Abraham Hicks states: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” All I have to do is keep moving in the direction of my dreams, inside and out, even if I seem to be moving at turtle speed.

image by Federico Stevanin 

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