Leaning into it

I used to live by rules. Lots and lots of rules. My rules. And 98% of the time, I would not sin against them. Nowadays, I do things a little different. I’m leaning into it.

Leaning into means not forcing yourself. It means going with the flow, living from the inside out, letting consciousness guide you. For me, it most of all means living without self-judgment and guilt because of the other 2%.

Instead of saying, I can’t have cookies, I’ll have a cookie and create a space of awareness around it. I’ll be conscious about how it got into my mouth. And I’ll listen to what my body tells me. Guess what? It seems I don’t like cookies that much. I’ve discovered most cookies don’t taste like anything. It doesn’t feel great to eat them and I don’t feel particularly well after I’ve eaten them. I still eat cookies, though. Some because they are a feast for the tastebuds and some out of habit, and that’s okay. But, as consciousness is ever evolving, one day, somewhere in the future, my body will probably have lost the need for any unrefined food  And, to my partner’s big regret, the same will hold true for meat.

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