First seek to understand

You don’t want me as your car mechanic, and that is okay with me, for I have no ambition in that direction. Somewhere along the way, I have made a conscious choice not to develop that capacity. And for the moment, I have no desire in improving my knowledge in that area. Maybe some day, I will love to learn all there is to know about my car, but for now I’m perfectly fine with not knowing anything about it. I don’t perceive this as a weakness, it is just a wilfully undeveloped area in my life. 

You don’t want me as a mediator either, for I simply lack the capacity to understand other people’s perceptions when they do not fit my world view. And that is not okay with me, for I want to be able to understand your point of view and someone else’s as well, so I can create synergistic relationships. Yesterday, I realized that when growing up I simply had no role model who showed a sincere interest in how someone else viewed the world, who was willing to be changed by someone else’s ideas. In my life I have unconsciously perpetuated this old programming. Yesterday, I recognized this so-called shortcoming is merely an undeveloped area in my life. The difference with car mechanics is that here I do feel a deep need to change. I want to learn all there is to know about you, see and feel the world your way, to enrich my life by understanding yours. Today, I have decided I will invest all energy, time and money necessary to become an expert in making this perceived weakness my perceived strength.

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