Let the play begin

Energy is one of those fleeting things in my life. One moment, I have it in abundance, the other it is gone. I just cannot seem to get a grip on it. Instead of getting frustrated and letting it ruin my mood, I now just go with the flow. I enjoy the slow rhythm of my life as it allows me to take it all in, not rush by. I allow myself to play more. I give attention to things that are meaningful to me, instead of getting caught up in the Illusion of it all.

While writing this,  I had an a-ha! moment.  When I have energy, I can get up in the morning and not stop doing until I go to bed. I can do so much, people around me get tired just by looking at me. Not having enough energy to do the things I want to do, simply is on the other end of the continuum. They are both out of balance states. If I can find a way to insert into my life things that move me on a soul level, things that give my senses a boost, things that rear my inner-child, I won’t run out of fuel anymore. If I can find ways to insert being in my doing, in ways that fuel me, I will fill myself up continuously.

Kitty is the most vibrant and (fun-)loving person I know. It is her challenge to make every day 100% FUN,  and she does. I surely could use more of her FUN energy in my life, so I’ve taken on her challenge – 30 Days of Play (read the article). I’m eager to find out if this approach to life will make a difference in my life. I will let you know regularly how I’m faring. Let the play begin.

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