Life is a Mirror

The way I feel. The food I eat. The clothes I wear. The books I read. The chair I sit in. The look on your face. They are reflections of me. When I look around. What do I see? Nourishment? Scarcity? Love? Abundance? Disapproval? What does this say about me?

Through my five senses I create the world around me. I give meaning to the fire storm of neurons in my brain. I filter all incoming messages according to what I have learned. I am selective in what I experience. This way, I create the world around me. Life is a mirror reflecting back at me how I see myself. When you say you’re fat, while I think your skinny, do I feel you’re wrong or do I see two reflections, yours and mine. When you say you love me, when you say I’m a stupid cow, do I think you’re right or do I know myself as I am and recognize the reflection of you.

One of The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz talks about is Don’t take anything personally. This one agreement turned my life around. All these years, the world had revolved around little me. Once I saw your actions as reflections of how you view yourself, I started seeing myself as I am.

Life is a mirror. It only reflects what is there. Essentially, the world is in me.