Life is a Mirror

The way I feel. The food I eat. The clothes I wear. The books I read. The chair I sit in. The look on your face. They are reflections of me. When I look around. What do I see? Nourishment? Scarcity? Love? Abundance? Disapproval? What does this say about me?

Through my five senses I create the world around me. I give meaning to the fire storm of neurons in my brain. I filter all incoming messages according to what I have learned. I am selective in what I experience. This way, I create the world around me. Life is a mirror reflecting back at me how I see myself. When you say you’re fat, while I think your skinny, do I feel you’re wrong or do I see two reflections, yours and mine. When you say you love me, when you say I’m a stupid cow, do I think you’re right or do I know myself as I am and recognize the reflection of you.

One of The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz talks about is Don’t take anything personally. This one agreement turned my life around. All these years, the world had revolved around little me. Once I saw your actions as reflections of how you view yourself, I started seeing myself as I am.

Life is a mirror. It only reflects what is there. Essentially, the world is in me.

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  1. I love the wisdom that you have so elequently written! True, what we see is a reflection of the story we have created! Very good!

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  3. We are one connected consciousness, in communication between its neurons, each of which is us speaking across the synaptic cleft of the internet.

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  5. Hi Norea:

    This is the first time I am visiting your site. I also love the Four Agreements and that is how I live my life. We both write about life and would love for you to visit my blog.

    I will be back. Thanks again for such a meanful post. Helen

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  7. We study this concept in SGI Buddhism too. That all life is a reflection of your thoughts, words, and deeds. You can change your external world by changing your internal thoughts. I often think about this when I’m cleaning trash off the side of the road. I notice most of the trasch is bear bottles, fast food wrappers, soda cups, and cigarette butts. I think it is a great example because when people litter their own bodies with junk mostly they don’t think twice about littering the earth with it too. We need people to start valuing their lives so that they will value others lives including nature.

  8. It seems to me we have a societal disease, and viewing the whole as an organism and ourselves as its parts, we are treating ourselves and the whole world badly. War is a reflection of the inner divisions which need to be healed.

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    If we would become aware of the duality we have created in ourselves and the world. If we would embrace our true nature and learn to be. Would we not feel oneness again? Would this disease not dissipate?

  12. Even if you can cure yourself by that means, it remains that our society must learn the same lesson, and every society of humanity, that we may become one family again.

  13. Kayci, can you cure yourself without help? If it is our division that is at the root of our illness, one from another, how can we heal without reaching out? I could not have replaced my own collapsed hip, nor by any degree of meditation caused it to mend on my own, and even if we may exercise our powers of universal mind in behalf of healing we must do so in full knowledge of our oneness, thus when I heal you I am truly healing a part of myself.

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    As it is my understanding, quantum physics teaches us we are in essence not bound by time or space. In that context Sheldrake’s disputed theory of a collective memory through morphic fields makes a lot of sense to me. What we learn and think can have an impact on other people through morphic resonance. (Certain action patterns or vibration patterns are receptive to what has happened to similar patterns earlier and copy that.) Rats learn a new trick faster when other rats have learned this trick before them. The more rats have learned this trick, the faster new rats will learn it.
    When I heal myself, I do not only heal myself, I heal part of our human body and through this healing I teach this collective body to heal itself. By getting aware, I create an awareness that is larger than my own experience, I actually make it easier for you to get to a new level of awareness. I may even create a new level of consciousness that will inspire you to invite awareness and healing into your life.

  15. Norea, this is true too. And as we each gain understanding of ourselves and one another more people will begin to understand these things automatically.

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