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I spent this whole morning writing an article with the intention of publishing it today, until in the last paragraph I discovered that it takes some infrastructural changes to my website before I can post it. So here I am, on a Wednesday afternoon, kids in the house, things needing to be done and I have nothing to put on my blog. Whoa!

Not so long ago there would have been a sense of not measuring up. To my amazement, I am sitting behind my desk, laughing. I can only see the humor of it. Of course, not posting a blog is not a biggie, but it is a commitment I made to myself, a commitment I want to honor. Yet, this is life, things have a tendency to go differently than anticipated. That’s what happens when we’re willing to put ourselves out there. As always, I do want to post something that adds value. Today, that added value comes in the form of being able to relax into what is happening.

This Universe works in mysterious ways, and I’ve come to trust that whatever happens is perfect. It may not be what I preferred to happen, but I have learned that somehow in the grand scheme of things it always is better than what I set out to do originally. Timing is everything, and this Universe is the master of perfect timing. So, I took a deep breath and relaxed into this present moment. And when I do, no matter what is happening around me, joy and peace are available, always. The kids decided to go play outside, I just wrote an essay of 300 words, and apart from some technical stuff, next week’s article is ready to be published. Best of all, I feel great. Life is fun.


photo by Ned Horton

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