Life will lead me

I know Life is perfect, even though my life feels chaotic and painful in this moment.  Life is as it is. I may not like it, I may wish things were different, but these thoughts won’t get me anywhere. To go on with my life, I need to befriend this moment, this pain. I need to make peace with this moment, the chaos. I need to accept I have created this moment by not being true to myself.

I don’t know what the future will bring and that’s okay. I know Life is everchanging. I know Life will unfold through me when I stop resisting, stop fighting. Life will lead me when I trust everything will be all right, when I have faith this moment can teach me all I need to know to grow into who I really am, to be true to myself.

I  don’t know what to do right now and that’s okay. I lay down all wants, needs and expectations. I will do nothing, I will make no promises, I will not try to make things work, I will not be who I’m not. Instead, I will trust Life to lead me. I know the answers can be found within. All I need to do is be still and listen. I will pray and meditate. I will open my heart to all the possible answers the Universe has to offer. And I will trust my heart to pick the answer that is right for me.