Silent knowledge

When you read my last blog entry, you may have felt (somewhat) uncomfortable, not knowing what to think of it. That’s okay, I can completely relate to that, really. I did not seek this experience, but it did happen. Instead of resisting (mind), I allowed (heart) it to happen. Instead of being sceptical (mind), I accepted (heart) this experience as a learning opportunity. I cannot prove (mind) what has happened to me, yet I know (heart) it to be true. However surreal, however illogical (mind) this experience may seem,  it has worked miracles (heart). Gone are the feelings of inadequacy and the deep fear of failure I have battled with my whole life. I am at peace.

I’d like to invite you to open up to the possibility that things are different than you think they are. You have learned to filter all that comes in through your senses with your mind, your preconceived mind that is. You perceive the world as you perceive yourself, it’s the projection of your own mind. The voice in your head is full of critique, telling you you’re not good enough, beautiful, successful, or rich enough. It judges you as you judge others. I know that voice all to well. Some time ago, not liking the negative interpretations my mind provided, I decided not to listen to it anymore.  I forewent my mind, reinventing my world as I went along. Asking myself with anything that happened how I truly felt about it, what I knew to be true. Shutting out my mind, I learned to listen through my heart, seeing life from a completely different angle.

You may not be used to the loving and wise voice of your heart, but with some practice it is easy to get used to. You know it, when you feel it. She will tell you everything is all right. That you are perfect as you are. Your heart is Love, pure unconditional Love.  It’s in a mother’s love for her child, in the connection you feel with people around you, in the awe for a whirling butterfly. It can be found in praise and gratitude, in truth and acceptance, in joy and deep belly laughter. But most of all, you will find it in the silence in this moment. Just be quiet for a few minutes a day, breath in, breath out, don’t mind your thoughts and feel the presence of Love within you.

To help you grasp the idea of being silent, here’s a class with Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D. This Professor of Medicine emeritus is internationally known for his work as a scientist, writer, and as meditation teacher engaged in bringing mindfulness into the mainstream of medicine and society.

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  1. Well written! I have tried to explain what I feel in my heart in words – you do it so well! Thank you.

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