Merry Christmas



I always did the best I could. In my old world, that meant I made it work, I worked my ass off, doing things I didn’t want to do because they ‘had to’ be done.

Today, I am still doing the best I can. But in my new world, that has a completely different meaning. It means I love the life I have as best as I can, I am present and show up as often as I can. There are no dos or don’ts, no holy commandments, no deadly sins. Every moment is a new moment, and every day a new day.

I don’t know if the old ways of being will, one day, die completely, but I do know that the new neural pathways will become wider and gain more power every time I choose to do what I love and love what is happening.

I don’t have to be better or do better. I just have to love. Nothing big, nothing fancy. Just love this moment, right here, right now, as best as I can. And from that love, I will be born anew every moment, every day. Merry Christmas!


photo by Julia Freeman-Woolpert

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