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This week, I allowed creativity to flow through me. I didn’t try to define it, or confined myself to a certain definition of it. I just allowed it, and felt the ease and dis-ease of it. Ease in the process of creation, dis-ease in allowing it to be whatever it is. I found it interesting to witness within myself: the need to confine myself to a certain experience, because in my mind only that will allow me to focus, the need to focus in order to be productive. But it would be the unwisest thing I could do, at this moment. The process of finding one’s voice is all about discovery. I never did that in my life; I never allowed myself the time to try on different things, I always committed to a choice too soon. So, as much as I feel the need to commit, I won’t. I will allow myself to play around in order to discover what really makes me tick, and how that feels to me.

In our western society, we are so action-oriented, so focused on moving forward, that we often take action in order not to feel or be (perceived as) inactive or unproductive, move forward in order not to be (perceived as) standing still. And as a result we build our life on busy-ness. A life built on sand, collapsing at the smallest lifequake.  Regularly standing still is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Not taking action because we feel we need to do something, but instead making peace with where we are standing, making sure our happiness is independent of our next move. Really, I can’t tell you how much I want to get into the game, make money, be productive again, but now is not the time. I will not sacrifice my happiness for any of those desires. I simply will not. If I have learned anything in these last years, it is that taking action too soon makes things worse. Some day, in the near future, the things I want will happen, not because I make them so, but as a byproduct of creating a life I love.

Life IS creation. Creating this life experience is the ultimate human creativity. We are all creators, all of the time. Life artists per se. Life flows most easily when we allow it to flow, when we let go of our resistance. So does creativity, regardless of your preferred form of expression, be it code, gardening, writing, painting, parenting or law. Everything becomes art when we allow it to flow naturally.

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