On decluttering my life

A box standing at the foot of my bed. Symbol of what is happening in my life. I have been meaning to put it in the attic, but things have changed, and I now will bring it to charity instead. Someday. Soon. But not today. I’m not ready yet.

In the box is nothing of great value, just some clothes that have been worn by my daughter. Clothes that I had hoped would someday belong to another girl, my girl, a sister to my daughter. It’s an image I have carried with me my whole life, me having two daughters. I did not know how attached I was to that image until I decided to let it go. Strangely enough, I have complete peace with that decision, because I know in my heart of hearts that is the right decision for me, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

That box is one among many. Some are physical, others mental. But they all have one thing in common, they will have to go. I know that, but I’m not quite ready, yet. And that’s okay.

We all have our ‘boxes’. Things and images we hold onto long after they had their use, that clutter up our homes and hearts. We all have boxes we need to let go off. We all have decluttering to do. Decluttering means clearing our lives of visible and invisible clutter. However, decluttering is not about randomly and rigorously throwing out boxes. Some are let go of easily, but others will take effort. An effort that respects our feelings towards its content, a process that makes peace with our new reality. The box at the foot of my bed needs some more bridging, a closing of the gap between what I know to be right for me on one side and my feelings on the other side. I know that day is coming, but untill it does, that box stays put.

What I know for sure is that Life is dynamic. Life is a magnificent river of energy. And when we allow that energy to flow freely, our lives thrive. In order for our lives to thrive, we need to let go of anything that holds us back. We need to make room for the unfolding of what Life has in store for us.