One step at a time

Acceptance of any unwanted situation leads to the peace of mind one needs to get out of that situation. Acceptance brings about clarity, a goal and the power to act. I may not like where I am today, but such thoughts will not help me get out of here. Instead I try to focus on what is good, to give my best at any given moment. Because it is only in this moment, right now, that I have the power to take one step in the right direction. It may be a small step, and that’s okay. Even the smallest step, when repeated, leads to the promised land.  

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  1. Grappig, in mijn reactie op je vorige bericht wilde ik nog iets zeggen over “kleine stapjes”, maar ik liet het bij wat ik schreef. Daarna las ik dit bericht! Baby steps dus, go for it!

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