Riding the thought elevator

Some years ago, I learned to be aware of what I’m thinking. Now I’m learning to be aware of what I’m feeling. With every thought or action comes a feeling, and just as with thoughts, there are no good or bad feelings, but some things make me feel better than others. Nowadays, I focus on feeling better.

Imagine you’re in an elevator without buttons, and to go up you have to think the best feeling thought possible at that moment. When you’re feeling down, feelings of bliss are not readily available, but by reaching for a thought that gives relief, and focusing on it, you introduce into your mind thoughts that hold a similar frequency and before you know it you’re up one level. Litterally being uplifted, you can then tap into an even better feeling thought and focus on that for a while, feeling yourself get more lighthearted every time you go up a level.

So yesterday, while chopping veggies, feeling somewhat stressed due to a perceived lack of time, I chose not to mind the time and instead enjoy chopping. I was only going up one thought a time, but before I knew it, I was delighted about cutting vegetables. The more I loved it, the easier it got. I loved how heavy the huge knife weighed in my hand. I loved how it sliced effortless through a thick orange carrot, how the slices were even and the slicing was fast. I loved the deep red color of the bell pepper and how its juice spread this fresh smell unique to peppers . I loved the gorgeous shiny, purple skin of the egg plant and how I cut it into perfect 1cm cubes. I even loved the unevenness of the sweet potato, providing some wonderful contrast.

Especially when you’re somewhere below ground level, it may take some time before you get the elevator to go up and stay up. But with practice, you’re bound to get better at it, riding the elevator with ease, riding it for the pure fun of riding it. May your elevator rides be as exhilarating as chopping veggies.

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  1. Hermien-
    You have truly opened a part of my mind to present moment awareness that I have never grasped before. This truly is a wonderful new practice that I am anxiously excited to try!
    Wow I can’t even being to thank you for this insightful blog. What I particularly liked is how you ease into feeling good with focus and flow and seeing how it continually builds into blissful actions.

    Your energy is radiating highly in my life!
    Namaste dear friend~

  2. Post

    Good to ‘see’ you here! My apologies for not reacting any earlier…
    If you love this, you’ll love ‘The teachings of Abraham’ – I got introduced to it sometime ago and it really hits home with me and like nothing else helps me turn into the direction of who I am.
    Love your presence in my life. Namaste.

  3. Just wanted to say “hi” again. I posted a comment on a February posting that you did. Speaking of time, it seems I manage to catch up with my favorite interesting blogs every couple months! I like your writing very much, and I love what you’re saying with your words. Did you ever read a book called, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn? It was the first book from which I understood the relationship among feelings, thoughts, words, and the manifestations that follow. Fun, fast, easy read – and very inspiring. This posting of yours reminds me of that book! Love and light, Lorie 🙂

  4. Post

    dear Lorie, good to ‘see’ you again. I know, for me, it works just like that. Thanks for recommending the book, I haven’t read it, but from what you tell me, I guess it is influenced by the teachings of Abraham, as was this piece. May your light shine brightly, Love to you, Hermien

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