Nowadays, I simply try to do one thing at a time.

When I’m washing my hands I try to focus on doing just that, washing my hands. Not thinking about everything I will do after I’ve washed my hands, not chewing on the remark you made earlier today. Just feeling the slippery film of soap between my hands, feeling my hands rub against each other, feeling the cold water run along my hands, making my hands less slippery with each drop. Shaking the water of my hands. Getting a towel. Feeling the dry towel on my wet hands, feeling its softness, its warmth. Simply feeling. 

When I’m folding the laundry with the help of my one year old I try to focus on doing just that, folding the laundry with her. Not watching a television show. Not thinking about how much faster it would be done if I would do it on my own. Not thinking about how it would be less boring if I were watching Oprah. Taking a towel from my daughter, thanking her, putting it on my knees, folding it twice and then four times. Putting it on the back of the couch  so eager little fingers cannot get a hold of them again. Taking another towel. Appreciating the help I’m being offered. Folding until the basket is empty. Simply enjoying folding together.

When I’m listening to you I try to focus on doing just that, listening to you. Not having my own story in mind, assuming you mean this or that, not interrupting to fill in the blanks or tell my story. Just hearing your voice, listening to your story. Seeing the expressions on your face, sensing your body. Feeling my breath going in and out. Simply being a space for your story, for you.  

It’s easier said than done, though. I mess up all the time, catching myself red handed. And that’s okay, I just try again and again. It’s worth every bit of struggle. I’ve noticed that when I really focus on one thing at a time, I allow myself to simply be. When I’m not distracted, I can feel Life flowing through me. I feel the oneness with Life. I feel connected with you.  

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  1. THis is an excellent reminder to be aware and to keep a single focus. When we do this life appears so much richer as we see things that we would have missed if we were multi tasking. Great writing!

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    Thank you. Paradoxically, it is so much easier to singletask than to multitask. It feels inefficient, sometimes even a waste of time. But sacrificing is giving up something good for something better, as Stephen Covey taught me. And experiencing Life is certainly the better deal.

  3. I try to practice it too. I call it also – mindfulness. If you do something and are focused on that thing, not thinking about million other things same time. It`s hard, because our mind is swift and is used to run around. But if you can really be at peace and do just one thing- something happens inside yourself….

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