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Yesterday, I was listening to a seminar by Caroline Myss and she shared an image I want to share with you. She was talking about the distribution of our life force, our energy, and said that we should see ourselves as energy investors, bankers, and that with every investment we make, whether it is a thought we give energy to, a memory we go back to, an emotion we fuel, a relationship we invest in or an action we spend energy on, we want to make sure that we get a good return on investment. Do we spend our precious life force on the things that give back more energy than we invested in them, things that make us feel alive, things that make us soar? Or do we spend our energy on the things and people that drain us, that take our precious energy supply and give nothing back or too little to sustain us.

In order for us to spend our energy wisely, we need to be present to our lives now. We need to become mindful of our spending patterns and stop fueling our wounds and investing in a past that went differently than we had hoped for.  We need to use our will power to literally recall our bad investments, to get back our energy and stop our energy from flowing there. We need to become conscious of our choices and learn to make radically different ones. We need to stop trying to controll our lives and that of others, stop giving our energy to the illusion that we can.
When we don’t spend our energy wisely, we don’t have the spiritual currency to spend on the things we value most, we have to take out loans on our body until we are bankrupt. I did just that in these past years, and I am unwilling to ever go there again.

I love this idea of becoming a conscious energy spender. I liken it to the way I spend my money. At home we use ‘You Need A Budget’ to both budget our money and track our spending. What I love most about this program is that we allocate our money when it enters our cash flow, our money stream. We only budget the money we have. We decide what we want to use that money for, which allows us to become conscious of our spending and determine our priorities. It has caused me to change my speech from ‘I don’t have money to do that’ to ‘I choose to spend my money on things I value more’.
Last week, my daughter and I went to see a movie. My daughter was looking forward to popcorn and soda, which she has had in the past, yet that felt off to me. So I told her it didn’t feel good. She asked why. At first I was thinking it was the amount of money I would spend and suddenly I knew it was not as much the amount as what I was spending it on. I would rather spend my precious money on items that were packed with nutrients, respecting both my money, my health and my integrity, than spending it on things I consider worthless. When I explained that to my daughter, she could relate it to her own experience of saving for a space scooter and not spending her money on frivolities instead, and it made sense. We then went to the supermarket, got us two smoothies, a package of nuts and some dried mulberries. We both were happy.

After hearing Caroline Myss, I have decided to become even more clear on how I spend my energy, through tracking my spending and receiving. I will be crystal clear on my priorities, so I can even more consciously allocate my life force to the things I value most in life. Like my financial investments, I will invest my spiritual money in a future that is healthy and sustainable. I will reallocate my funds where necessary. While it may hurt temporarily, I will unplug my energy from any wounds that are (still) open, I will stop giving them energy and allow them to heal. I will lovingly unplug my energy from other people’s wounds too. As from now, I will love myself enough to take great care of my spiritual allowance, and I will love myself and the people around me enough to invest my energy in our potential for greatness not our problems. I will choose my investments carefully, my energy is to precious to spend frivolously. Like with my money, I want my spiritual investments to make this world a better place and generate a profit. I want my spiritual money, the life force I receive, to work for me. I will only invest my money in undertakings that enhance the quality of life for all, including me. I will change my speech from “I don’t have the energy to do that” to “I choose to spend my energy on things I value more. And I will allow my wounds to heal before I speak of them, so I can use them simply as examples instead of fueling them. I am not only going to be spiritually healthy, I am going to be spiritually savvy.


image by Thomas Picard

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