The answer was there all along…

Every question that truly matters to you, will be answered. You may find the answer in a different place, through a different voice or in a different package than you expected. The answer may be ‘no’ or ‘later’. Ask anyway. Ask and let go. Of your wants, of your expectations, of your needs, even your need for an answer to that question. Ask and be ready to receive. You may not receive an answer now, not tomorrow, in a week or even a year. Ask and know that the answer is already there. Be still, listen.

Understand that everything comes from one source. Everything is, has been and will always be there. You are part of a timeless and giving Universe. Ask with faith and passion and your consciousness will expand to the origin of everything, the space before creation, where all potential lies dormant, where time and space are irrelevant. The answer to your question was there all along. Open your heart and mind to all the possible answers the Universe has to offer.  Be be grateful for the opportunity that will present itself.

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