The case of the unloved self

As long as I can remember, I have craved love. More specifically, I have craved feeling loved. And from some people more than others. Yesterday, I realized, this craving and the hurt it causes simply is a case of overextended expectations and the consequential dissapointment. It is not only unreasonable on my behalf, it most of all is very deceptive. Unconsciously believing I can only feel loved when others express their love for me. Expecting them to express this love in ways that make me feel loved. The ultimate deception being I cannot give myself all the love I need to feel completely loved.

I emanated from the same Source from which everything comes into being. I am One with all that is. The Love I feel comes from the same Source of being from which I  was born. I am Love. How can I not be? The Love I feel from others is this Love reflected back at me. How can I not feel loved? Only in denying this Love, in disregarding the fullness of who I am, I feel unloved. Feeling completely loved is born in consciousness, in the full acceptance of self.

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  1. So the problem is not in the craving for being loved itself (which I believe is natural), but in the ways you expect it to be fulfilled?

    To me, reading “The case of the unloved self”, it sounds like you DO recieve te love you crave for, but cannot always let it sink in because you sometimes lack trust and love for yourself.

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    My sweet Alezane,
    How wonderful to find you here!
    True. Being loved and feeling loved are not necessarily related. Feeling loved or not is a direct result of the lens through which we view the world. That lens is always tainted, in my case by a long time disconnectedness to the self. Not knowing how to love myself, I needed and expected the world to make me feel loved. Having witnessed this pattern in myself, I can let go of these unhealthy expectations. Knowing that there is no one but me who can make me feel loved, gradually restoring the connection, will make the love others (yours included) have for me invaluable.
    Thank you for being such a dear friend! With deep love and appreciation, Hermien

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  4. Once again I feel you are reading my heart, and once again I cannot tell you how much it means to me to know there is someone else who is walking a similar path. Many, many thanks, beezy

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    Dear Beezy,
    I simpy love that sharing an experience can create such a powerful connection. Wishing you strenght and all the love within, Hermien

  6. you will find the true Union,
    with Yourself
    just Yourself

    🙂 🙂

    smile a lot, and just keep smiling,
    with the dimples on your cheeks shining,
    that you have found a true lover,

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