The case of the unloved self

As long as I can remember, I have craved love. More specifically, I have craved feeling loved. And from some people more than others. Yesterday, I realized, this craving and the hurt it causes simply is a case of overextended expectations and the consequential dissapointment. It is not only unreasonable on my behalf, it most of all is very deceptive. Unconsciously believing I can only feel loved when others express their love for me. Expecting them to express this love in ways that make me feel loved. The ultimate deception being I cannot give myself all the love I need to feel completely loved.

I emanated from the same Source from which everything comes into being. I am One with all that is. The Love I feel comes from the same Source of being from which I  was born. I am Love. How can I not be? The Love I feel from others is this Love reflected back at me. How can I not feel loved? Only in denying this Love, in disregarding the fullness of who I am, I feel unloved. Feeling completely loved is born in consciousness, in the full acceptance of self.