There’s no going back

This weekend someone asked me, suppose you could go back in time, what age would you want to be again? To her 25 seemed ideal. And she seemed somewhat disbelieving, when I said I could not imagine a better age than the one I had right now.
At the age of 27, I made the conscious decision to grow into who I am meant to be. In the ten years that have passed, I have allowed my life to unfold by accepting the lessons it presented. Going back in time would undo all the lessons I have learned so far, and there were many.
I have learned that periods of growth are never linear, always chaotic. For they hold a paradigm shift, life will never be the same again once you pass the point of no return.  You’re giving birth to a new self and as in real labour, there is no going back. And even though these periods are marked by feelings of uncertainty, because our life or our view of life is being turned upside down and inside out, and we feel resistance because we want our lives to remain the same, they deepen our understanding and enrich our lives. 
The nature of life is change. This moment will pass, and so will the next and the next. I am now, in this moment, a culmination of my past and the origin of my future, a cradle for infinite possibilities. It is only in being present right now right here, that I experience life. Trading this moment for another would mean that I miss out on the only life I have, now. I wouldn’t want to miss that for anything in the world.

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