To live, to love, to leave a legacy

I believe everything is made of energy. Through this energy we are all interconnected. You are part of me and I am part of you. For this reason, I am responsible for the energy I emit. I can choose for it to be poisonous or healing, to be angry or loving. I can choose to give or take, to fuel or drain you.  

I believe my energy can be bright, my presence a loving awareness, my intentions pure like the Light that is within all of us. I believe I am a Light, meant to shine like a beacon. And so are you. So are you!

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  1. I love your daily posts! Such shiny happy reminders in my mailbox. Thanks so much for your thoughts and words.

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    Hi Maeve,
    I love that you love them!!! Thank you for your kind words. Know that you are always welcome here. with Love, norea

  3. You are indeed blessed… and so am I… thank you for sharing your beautiful light… I believe in what you state… you are wise my friend…

  4. Hi Norea Beautiful words and I totally agree. You can often feel the energy of a person I am very sensitive to it. See that you are Dutch another thing we share, although I live in NZ. Heel veel groetjes Marja

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    Hi Marja,
    Thank you for sharing a bit of you with me. Thank you for your words. Feel free to visit anytime.
    Living in NZ, wow! You live in an amazingly beautiful part of this world. It holds a special place in my heart.

  7. It is absolutely true, have u seen movie The Secret. Every thought that comes in our mind is energy and it emits. It affects our life in the present or future.

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