Unexplored territories await

Giving birth, my life turned upside-down. My life had been centered around healthy eating, running and exercise.  All of a sudden, everything was different, life was centered around this tiny bundle of new life. Life was different, but oh so good. Slowly, life returned to normal, except for those healthy habits. Eating healthily and exercising daily had been key in generating discipline. Being able to control my body had enabled me to control my mind. With my eating and exercising habits, discipline had gone out the back door too.

In order to create discipline again, I started making small commitments to myself and making good on them.  Today, I am ready to start doing those dreaded crunches. I’ll envision how strenghtening my core will strenghten my mind. I can do this, I have done this before. What happens after I’ve reclaimed my discipline, I don’t know. Unexplored territories await where new found purpose meets self-confidence and willpower. I almost can’t wait to see what life will bring.

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    @ sara This girl ‘s gonna rock!

    @ mark Not only have I realigned with my purpose, I have also rediscovered the innate human quality of taking action.
    Thank you. I’m sure I will!

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