What if Life is perfect?

What if life is perfect? What if, no matter what it looks like, your life is perfect?

I know life can seem far from perfect. It can seem chaotic, troublesome and painful. It can even seem not worth living.

Still. What if life is perfect? What if circumstance is only external appearance? What if this day, this hour, this moment right now can teach you all you need to know to grow into who you really are, to feel whole again?

What I know for sure. When you see life as an opportunity for growth, Life becomes meaningful. When you look at what life has to offer, Life becomes abundant. When you find the blessing in a disaster, Life becomes peaceful.  When you accept life as it is, Life becomes perfect.

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    True. We need to allow ourselves to perceive life with our right hemisphere. Only with a balanced mind, life makes sense. In the West, we’re too left-oriented. In order to this find peace of mind, we simply need to retrain the brain.

  2. Very interesting. I’ve always thought there is “god” present everywhere in everything in every moment. “God” being “perfect.” I just started meditating recently and was pleasantly surprised of how much more peaceful I have become throughout my days. I’ve missed this peace of mind for so long. Also, I want you to read this: http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/core9/phalsall/texts/taote-v3.html (The book of Tao Te Ching) I’ve always been enthralled with the Asian culture and after reading this my interest has only grown. I can guarantee you that the amount of wisdom found within that page will enlighten EVEN YOU, and surprise you=]

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    Like you, I’ve learned there is a big difference between conceptual understanding and knowing. Knowing is only possible through experience.
    Thank you for suggesting the Tao Te Ching. I have read a rather bad dutch translation and I’ve been wanting to buy the new translation with meditations by Dr Wayne Dwyer for some time now. Is there any particular chapter that caught your eye?
    EVEN YOU – that is way too much credit, really. With the pieces that resonate, I’m literally inspired by something greater, I feel as though I didn’t write it alone.

  4. Well I’ve only read it online from the website I provided you. Unfortunately it is not divided into its natural chapters. I hopefully plan on obtaining a translated version somewhere if there is such a thing. Do you meditate? I recently started meditating about two weeks ago. It has brought so much peace to my life! Meditating is actually the only thing that has helped me regain some stability and hope in my life. It has provided me with whatever I seemed to be lacking.

  5. In the link I provided you with, of the English translation of Tao Te Ching, entry #2 caught my eye. This was something I’ve always believed and it felt great to be reassured someone else has uncovered this certainty. As I continued to read through the entries I was astonished with what is such pureness of truth.

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    hi mossy, good to see you again. What if perspective doesn’t matter. What if life is perfect anyway. Like the sun, it always shines whether we see it or not.

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    hi freshIIdeath,
    I’m glad meditation gives you the peace and balance you need right now. I’m afraid I’m not good at all at traditional meditation. There have been times that I meditated regularly every morning, but at the moment I have trouble waking up and when my daughter wakes me up, the time for meditation has passed. Luckily, on most days, I’m blessed with pockets of silence throughout the day, a few moments in which I’m fully aware of the present moment.
    Tao Te Ching #2: My eyes are drawn to ‘The master therefore acts without doing anything’ and ‘acts but doesn’t expect’, for this is what I’m learning at this moment. I especially love chapter one. Darkness, the source of being that all mystics throughout the centuries and all over the world have recognized to be true. This resonates deep within me.

  8. Wow… it is all in acceptance… we may not understand the meaning but if we accept it then we have perfection and eternity to figure it out… Loved this Norea!!!

  9. Hello Norea,

    Perhaps you are right. It seems that the more clearly I see, the more perfect things are. Or at least more satisfying.

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    How kind of you! And how right you are! I did the course last March-May. It was great. I intend to do it again next year, same time. I’m sure there’ll be new insights, I didn’t read or hear the first time. Again, thanks.

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    hi Mossy,
    It is not about being right (or wrong). It has been my observation that over the past years, as I developped spiritually, the outside circumstances haven’t changed that much, but my outlook on life has changed dramatically. All I want is to challenge you to see your life and Life in general from a different perspective. It may not be true for you today, but I pray that it will be one day. Take care, Norea

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