What the heart knows…

‘Don’t mind what other people say,  just do what you feel you need to do to get better, even when that means sitting on the couch for the entire day, you sit there. You know what is best for you. ‘, my father said to me when I was 22 and burned-out.

What I did not know back then was that this philosophy applies to all of life. It was only last Saterday that it hit me like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden, I knew deep inside that everything was as it should be. I felt it in my core. I was completely at peace with myself and my life. I saw the perfection in everything.

For the first time in my life, I really don’t mind what other people say or think, for only I know how to live my best life. This week that means enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Making an hour long bike ride every morning with my daughter through blossomming orchards stopping often to look at newborn lambs, over the dike watching the ships pass by. Seeing the world through the eyes of my one-year old, gives me the opportunity to see more easily what the heart knows as her eyes are not yet blinded by the mind.

I thank the Universe that she was led my way. I’m grateful for the loving guide she is.

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  1. It was a moment of clarity and peace… it was a moment of knowledge and enlightenment… you were blessed at that moment… hold onto it … it will begin to fade from memory, yet it will always be there… you were blessed and forever will be… it is indeed what the heart knows

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  4. Hi Norea:

    What a great article. I am at the same place as you, not caring what others are saying. It is alright to stay in bed later if that is what you need right now.

    My husband past away in Janurary and I have been listening to everyone and pushing myself. Yesterday I realized that this is my life and I have to take the steps that are right for me.

    I decided to tell everyone I am happy and to focus on the miracles in my life instead of how hard my life is. Changing my behavior and thinking has made a difference. I am feeling happier.

    Love for you to visit my blog http://www.theloveyourselfcoach.blogspot.com. Helen

  5. I remember growing up in the Christian faith and always hearing that man is not perfect. That I wasn’t perfect. That God wouldn’t have anything to do with me and I’d be cast into the fires of Hell unless I followed what the priests told me to do and believe. Now I’m laughing my ass off. I am perfect. You are perfect. The hell that the priests talked about was their own hell and I will not be attending that little dance. I thank god that the mitote is clearing now for me. Love you guys!

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    Hi Helen,
    I’m sorry to hear you were widowed only a few months ago. I commend your strong spirit, knowing this is your journey, recognizing the miracles you encounter despite the hurt. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Know that the face of the Eternal shines upon you in grace. Know that you are never alone. You’ll be in my prayers. Take care, Norea.

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    Hi Grant,
    good to meet you! Thank you for commenting. You’re always welcome to enrich this blog with your comments.
    You and I, we are made of the same material as the sun, the moon and the stars. We are vast, cannot be contained by this body. We embody the Universe’s perfection. We are one awareness. Isn’t this the most wonderful journey?
    As for those who believe they are sinners by nature. I pray that one day soon they’ll discover they are made in God’s image.
    Hope to hear from you again, Norea

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