Where will it lead?

What I choose to do or how I choose to react directly influences what happens next. Different reactions trigger different chains of events. Choosing A will yield different outcomes than choosing B. An eye for an eye, a smile for a smile. Whatever I choose to do, there are always consequences. What I put out in the world, will come back to me, positive and negative alike.  It may take time and I may be repaid differently than I envisioned, but I have faith that one day all my hard work will pay off.
You may wonder where this comes from? Writing a weblog is fun, but, and I don’t want to sound melodramatic, the proof is in the reading. The man in my life and I started a weblog at about the same time. His blog is already generating 30 to 50 times as many views a day as mine. It makes perfect sense. His blog is about Excel. It has a well-defined target group, addresses a specific need and offers asked-for solutions. My blog, on the other hand,  has none of the above ingredients and is very personal in addition. Have I chosen a chain of events that will mainly lead to my own personal growth and few readers or do I have to be patient, trust my gut there is a need for personal growth and introspection, and have faith the right people will come my way. I ‘m trying to figure out what lesson is in here for me.
In the meantime, if you know people who are interested in living their best life, spread the word about this site… If on the other hand, they are in desperate need of Excel tips and tricks, then Zo Werkt Excel is the best place to go.

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  1. Ja meissie, such is life! Niet altijd wordt dat wat diepgaander is meer gewaardeerd dan wat mensen als noodzakelijk ervaren. Gewoon doorgaan en trots op je werk zijn!

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    I know true recognition comes from inside, but in everyday life, it is easily overlooked in favor of the more tangible form expressed in cold hard stats.
    I certainly will keep writing. If nothing else, I’ll learn more about myself with each post I write. In and of itself that is worth writing this blog.

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    hoi Mike,
    leuk je te ontmoeten. mooi dat mijn blog je boeit. jammer dat engels moeite kost. hoop dat je er doorheen leest.
    persoonlijke groei is universeel. blog is globale ontmoetingsplek.

  4. ik heb mezelf dezelfde vraag gesteld, met mijn twee maanden oude log. voor mij bleek voor nu het goede besluit: niet mee bezig zijn. wellicht is er over een tijdje weer een ander besluit het goede besluit, maar dat merk ik dan vanzelf wel.

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    @monique: What’s two to three months in blogosphere? I guess we just need to be patient. Work on content and quality and the rest will come naturally, I hope 😉

  6. natuurlijk schrijf je voor je ‘doelgroep’, om in vaktermen te spreken, maar toch minstens evenveel voor jezelf? en ik ben ervan overtuigd dat als je daarover schrijft waarvan je vol bent, je tekst het meest lezenswaard wordt.

    stel je voor dat ik over politiek ging schrijven, over koken of – norea, stel je voor! – over bloemen!!

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    So true! This is my passion, this is my topic. So, to hell with all statistics: “This is my life….” (you hear Frank singing in the background?) Today not a very innovative idea, but it works for me 😉

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