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How do I do what matters most to me, without letting slide all these not so important things that need to be done? I’m not talking about those chores I do on a daily or weekly basis, they get done. Rather, how do I make time to finish the curtain that I am (or better said ‘was’) making for our kitchen window. Custom make that vinyl tablecloth so my girl can try and eat her own yoghurt? Adjust the leg length of my jeans? Sew the button on a shirt? I see it needs to be done, but I don’t seem to get around to doing it.
All of a sudden, I realize it might have nothing to do with having or making time. It’s about the sewing. What I want usually doesn’t exist or is so expensive I decide to make it myself. But as well as I can sew, I really don’t like it. Now what to do? There are three solutions. One, just buy what is available. Two, pay someone else to make it for me (risking it is not up to my standard). Or three, learn to have fun sewing. For the present projects, I will exercise willpower and try to change my perception. If that doesn’t work however; next time, I’ll consider having it done. And as a last resort, I can always go to the store as normal people would do. 
As obvious as this may seem to you, it’s huge to me. You really have no idea.

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  1. Having and making time are so differnt from one another. I find I must carve the time for unpleasant, boring tasks. I agree that it is sometimes a mind set that we must be in before we ‘have’ time. With twins, I often make the choice between the fresh dirty laundry or reaching for those icky cobwebs about 20 feet above my head. I’ve found a trick that does help me. I set my kitchen timer for 15 minutes, and during those 15 minutes, I tackle whatever dirty job or neglected chore. When the timer beeps, I stop, and return to either active play with the girls, or hit those regular daily household chores.

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    Hi Jo,
    Nice to meet you. Where are you from?
    Thanks for your comment. I usually set the kitchen timer when doing things I like so I won’t forget all the other things that also need to be done, but I have never thought of doing it the other way around. So thank you for your very helpful idea!
    Today, I just spent my time doing things I had been procrastinating for a long time. The list is growing shorter by the hour. Feels góóóód!

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