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Whether I’m 35, 62 or 89, I will always be a work in progress. I may, at times, feel like I’ve reached my destination. Until one day, I feel I need to move on. The change may be catapulted by some crisis or may have evolved slowly. When I do, I know I am only passing by. There are no final destinations, only stopovers.  Periods of growth alternated by periods of maturation.

My life is very quiet now.  I am content living my life. Everything is equally important. It feels like nothing is going on and at the same time I’m living the most precious life possible. For the first time, I’m consciously mastering a new stage in my life, preparing for something new to come. New periods of growth will come, when my life will feel chaotic, when I don’t know what to expect next. I will welcome these times, knowing nothing ever really changes. With every challenge, I have the opportunity to grow into me. With every stage, I become more transparent, a clearer manifestation of Life.

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  1. You are blessed with wisdom and insight… One day I will be there ( I hope) content and satisfied… I do consider myself a work in progress. I need a bit more patience and acceptance to this, one day I will gain the same vision as you… when that day comes and I am content… I will think of this day, reading your words and say “I get it”. One Day…

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    Dear Enreal,
    Evolution doesn’t happen over night. Mine took years of conscious adaptation. I have always prayed for wisdom. I didn’t know there would be a price to pay. I learned the lessons I had to learn some less willingly than others. If you want to grow and learn the lessons life has to offer you, then one day you will suddenly realize your life has changed beyond imagination. Then all will be well with your soul.
    with love, Norea

  3. Don’t know how or where this fits in…

    Did you ever wake from a dream that seemed so real that it startled you?
    How on earth can a dream be so real? Isn’t dreaming just some sort of game the mind plays to pass time until you wake up? The Toltecs believed that the mind was made to dream and that we are always dreaming… even when we are awake. We have small private dreams in our mind and we live in a large dream called the dream of the planet.
    This explains why people can see the same phenomenon and come up with wildly divergent explanations for it.

    Imagine the mind as a blank slate, a tabula rasa if you will. And as the infant ages the infant acquires experiences. We think of infants as being perfectly innocent and loving. Now as the child grows up we talk to it and tell it what to do. We say “don’t touch!”, “hot”, and that sort of thing to orientate the child to the world it lives in. As the child’s brain develops at some point it starts to master language. This is where the trouble begins. Until then the right brain was busy collecting experiences and feelings. When language kicks in the left brain grows more powerful. It starts to label all the right brain’s collection of experiences and emotions with words.

    If you look at the artistic development of a child you will see the various stages:
    Scribbling – making marks on paper starting at about 1.5 years of age. The child experiences a sense of wonder as a line comes out of the end of a stick that the child can control.
    The Stage of Symbols – after a few weeks of scribbling the child discovers that a drawn symbol can stand for something out in the environment. Usually mommy and daddy.
    Pictures that tell stories – around age four or five the child will start to draw stories and work out problems. For example, the symbolism of a big hand on daddy represents spanking.
    The Landscape – by five or six the child has settled in to a set of symbols that represent the world around him/her. The sky is up, the ground is down, the sun is round etc.
    The Stage of Complexity – around the fifth grade to as late as the seventh grade the child starts to add more and more detail into their art. They are trying to achieve a higher level of realism. Their concerns with where things are placed on the page (composition) are replaced with how things look on the page (realism).
    The Stage of Realism – around tenth or eleventh grade if the child is still drawing their desire to make drawings look real, or to take a photographic quality, is in full force. By now the left brain has developed to the point that it has categorized everything and given everything a word label.

    Now here is the problem: a child at the later stages will start to draw something like a chair and the left brain will say “I already know what that is and have a perfectly good label for it. Why waste time drawing the details?” Poof! Art is gone from the child’s life. If they try to continue then frustration from not being able to mechanically reproduce reality takes over and shuts down further attempts at perceiving the outside word. (This incidentally explains why there are so few great artists.) The left brain has built a prison of words for the mind to live in.

    What has this got to do with the aforementioned Toltecs? This process of labeling everything with words is the method that others use to teach you about the world around you and at the same time enslave you to the dream of the planet. Remember when the left brain asked why are you wasting time drawing a chair when it already has a perfectly good word/label/symbol for chair? What is happening is not just affecting artistic abilities. It is, in fact, defining your whole reality that you will live in. The Toltecs call this the Parasite. They maintain that you naturally dream a beautiful dream but as you acquire language you are “infected with the parasite”. Your wonderful dream has been high jacked by somebody else’s dream of reality. The dream of the planet, which everyone contributes to is now in control. It is like civilizations being absorbed by the Borg. Your personal opinions are now irrelevant. But resistance is not futile.

    Recall Genesis 4:7 where God tells Cain that sin crouches at the door but he may master it. The parasite is much the same. You can master it. You can subdue it. You can conquer it and go on to create your own beautiful dream escaping the hell of the dream of the planet in living in heaven.

  4. Hi Norea:

    I love your article that life is a journey. What I have been doing for the past 5 months is look for the opportunities being presented everyday. I have really been blessed. Thanks Helen

  5. Hi norea – I have felt like that in quiet periods of my life – after I learned to, that is. I think you have put it in a very lovely way.

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    Dear Grant,
    Thank you for reminding me I have to start tagging my posts again…
    It is true that our human mind has the need to organize and analyse everything it encounters. And it does so in a frame of reference passed down to us by generations. Tradition is static, opposes to all that is new, to all that might endanger the status quo. You need to be a rebel, like Jesus was, to break free. A rebel will feel trapped by this old energy and will search for a dynamic, always renewing energy. Only if you dare to let go everything you know, you’ll be open to see life as it is, to express life, to meet God, if you want.
    Thank you.

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    Dear Helen,
    You are a courageous woman. I feel blessed for being allowed to share in your inner strength. Thank you for your inspiration.

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