Work in progress

Whether I’m 35, 62 or 89, I will always be a work in progress. I may, at times, feel like I’ve reached my destination. Until one day, I feel I need to move on. The change may be catapulted by some crisis or may have evolved slowly. When I do, I know I am only passing by. There are no final destinations, only stopovers.  Periods of growth alternated by periods of maturation.

My life is very quiet now.  I am content living my life. Everything is equally important. It feels like nothing is going on and at the same time I’m living the most precious life possible. For the first time, I’m consciously mastering a new stage in my life, preparing for something new to come. New periods of growth will come, when my life will feel chaotic, when I don’t know what to expect next. I will welcome these times, knowing nothing ever really changes. With every challenge, I have the opportunity to grow into me. With every stage, I become more transparent, a clearer manifestation of Life.