You’ve had it all along



If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I dutifully work on releasing old belief patterns that aren’t serving me (anymore). During our lifetime, we all have collected a whole series of beliefs that prevent us from being all that we can be. Some of these beliefs were introduced in a big way, but most of them snuck in through the backdoor; we started believing them because everyone else around us believed them. Sadly, humans have a very limited view of themselves; through the ages, we narrowed our sense of potential. It is time for a new Renaissance, a time in which we throw off the shackles of our self-imposed self-image, a time in which we rediscover a completely renewed sense of self, a revolutionary shift in consciousness.
We live miracle-filled lives, but we don’t see that for the simple reason that we don’t focus on the extraordinarity of our lives. We are living, breathing miracles, we swirl through the universe on a spinning blue ball. There is nothing ordinary about our lives. To live miracles, we have to get into that space of awe, into a space of appreciating the magnificence of this thing we call our life. And to consciously co-create miracles, we have to get into a space of joy, into a space of feeling and knowing that we are the miracle.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are creating our reality. We do this through our sustained focus. What we give energy to grows. When we are ready to take the next step in our evolution, when we start taking responsibility for our focus, when we are willing to focus on beauty, on goodness, on peace, on love, on whatever is working, when we are willing to see miracles wherever we cast our eye, we become miracle workers. I don’t mean this in an airy-fairy kind of way. This is a serious intention, this is hard work. In order for our lives to change, we need to do some serious neuro-reprogramming, in which we consciously build new neural pathways. Our brains work with the simple premise that the pathways we use get bigger (what we give energy to grows) while the pathways we don’t use wither. What we want to do, irrespective of logic, is build pathways that make us feel good, that inspire awe and give us joy, because miracles defy logic. It is when we feel joy, awe, appreciation and love that our creative powers soar. We all know that. We deliver our best work when we feel great. The same holds true for the creation of every other aspect of our lives. When we are in that space of greatness and we visualize whatever we want to achieve, we pull it into being. That is step one of creative process. The next step is to trust that all is done on our part, that all we have to do is allow it to come into being by trusting undoubtedly that it will. What I learned last week is that the most challenging part of the process is to let go of any belief that it won’t, to remain in that space of centered trusting that everything is working out for me, even when the contrary seems to be true. Yet in that same week, I also learned that when we are able to side-step our fears and disbeliefs, when we are able to take full responsibility for our focus, and consistently focus on feeling great, miracles do happen. And when they do, we see a glimpse of our true power and we understand that it isn’t the manifestation that is the miracle, but our creation of it. Thank you, for supporting my intention last week. Our shared focus on well-being helped me get into that space where everything is possible. And from there, I was able to easily and effortlessly manifest the thing I wanted most. I am awe-struck. It is like Glinda the Good Witch of the North says in the Wizard of Oz: “You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas. You’ve had it all along.” We all have this amazing power to realize our dreams, we just have to learn it for ourselves.

To be continued. Next week. With photos.


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