Life is now

Life is now, only now.
While cleaning the bathroom,
or enjoying a rich chardonnay,
life is now, only now.
Smell it. Taste it.

Life is now, only now,
in the middle of a crisis.
On  a lazy afternoon
life is now, only now.
Accept it. Live it.

Life is now, only now.
When struck with grief
or crying tears of joy,
life is now, only now.
Feel it. Embrace it.

Life is now, only now.
With every breath you take,
aquaint yourself with this moment.
For life is now, always now.
Know it. Love it.

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  1. Great reminder. It is funny how we overlook life during the smoothest of rides… only in turbulence to we question. Thank you for questioning my lazy afternoon… i think back on the hardest parts and know that there are more to come… I will be alright

  2. Enreal makes a good point. Only ever, when there is trouble, do we question life. I’ve never really thought about this. Thanks for the inspiration I gathered from your poem. I’m having troubles at the moment, living in the moment. Also, I have this theory..that time is relevant. No past, no future, just an ever changing present. Furthermore, you have to be very careful you do not get too caught up in the moment. I’m pretty new to, but come check out my poetry!

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    Thanks for participating. Know that you are always welcome here.
    Living in the moment simply means enjoying the journey. Take a breath. Notice how your body feels. Do this whenever you think of it and you’ll bound to get better at it. Enjoy.
    I will.

  4. Thank you for sharing this poem. Its really simple and the same time makes it very clear, brings focus 😉 very simple

    with love,

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    Dear Raivis,
    Good to ‘see’ you here! Thanks for your sweet comment. Know that you are always welcome here. It is my intent to start posting blogs more frequently again. Love, Norea

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