Life will lead you



When in stress, stop fighting. Stop resisting.
Take a deep breath. Connect to your breath.
Be grateful for it to flow through your body,
to supply oxygen, to give Life.

Right here, right now, embrace Life,
your life, your thoughts, your feelings.
Accept your reality for what it is.
Know that everything will be all right.

All you need to grow into you,
you have right here, right now.
Take a deep breath. Connect to your soul,
to this part of you that is eternal and wise.

Let your heart and mind be filled
with what your soul has to offer,
wisdom, courage and faith in abundance.
Feel that everything is and will always be all right.

Then you do what needs to be done.
Life will lead you.
Life will leave you stronger and wiser.
You will be all right


photo by Mack Martin