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There is an app that geographically locates things precisely with a unique combination of three words in order to facilitate connection, whether you need help or simply want to meet up. For  example, I could ask you to meet me at one of my favorite places in the world, located at cater.nobler.affirming. How fun would that be?  When considering the ingeniuty of this concept, I realized that it most likely will work just as well for locating where we are on our human journey. I really like that idea.

When you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll receive a bi-weekly email on Wednesday with in the subject 3 words. Those words may seem random, they will not be meaningless. I will use these three words to explore and communicate topics that made me see the world differently, that spoke to me and inspired me to live more authentically, in the hopes that they will inspire you too. And from time to time, you may receive an email with news that is either time-sensitive or something I’m simply too excited about to wait for the next newsletter.

I don’t know where these words will bring us, but I will always aim to provide rich, meaningful and uplifting content. And bi-monthly, as a token of my appreciation, I will send fanmail to one of my subscribers, a hand-drawn and -written postcard. It goes without saying that I not only respect, but appreciate your time and privacy. I will not spam you

with Love, Hermien