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terms & conditions

I’m not too keen on legal mumbo jumbo, but some documents are necessary, and this is one of them. On hermienvos.com I do my best to be as transparent as possible, but I highly recommend you read these fine prints, so we are on the same page.


  1. hermienvos.com is a sole proprietorship, owned by Hermien Vos, located in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under nummer 82094403.
  2. User: anyone visiting hermienvos.com.
  3. Consumer: a natural person acting for private purposes who buys a product or service in the webshop of hermienvos.com (www.hermienvos.com/shop).
  4. Webshop: the webshop of hermienvos.com, which can be found at www.hermienvos.com/shop. In this webshop fine art prints, original artworks, bespoke art and other products can be bought online. This webshop is intended for consumers.
  5. Parties: hermienvos.com and the consumer together.
  6. Terms: the terms and conditions that are applicable to hermienvos.com.


  1. These terms apply to the whole website www.hermienvos.com, including the webshop www.hermienvos.com/shop.
  2. Commissioned artworks are exempted from these terms. For each commission a contract is drawn up.
  3. A link to these terms can be found at in the footer of each page.
  4. Before finalizing a purchase, the consumer is always presented with a link to the text of these terms, which can be downloaded as a PDF.
  5. Parties cannot deviate from these conditions, unless they have explicitely agreed upon in writing.
  6. The applicability of supplementary and/or deviating general terms and conditions by Consumer is explicitly excluded.
  7. Dutch law exclusively applies to all agreements between hermienvos.com and the consumer. Even if the consumer does not live in the Netherlands.
  8. The 1980 Vienna Sales Convention does not apply to these terms.


  1. All work (designs, drawings, writings, downloadable content, quotations, images, photos, videos, sketches, models, scale models, etc) by Hermien Vos remain the intellectual property of Hermien Vos, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. All work by Hermien Vos may not be reproduced, shared, copied, altered, printed and / or exploited without the explicit permission of Hermien Vos in writing.
  3. Users of hermienvos.com may share any work by Hermien Vos via social media under the conditions that Hermien Vos is explicitly credited and the social media post is linking back to www.hermienvos.com.


  1. hermienvos.com aims to provide clear and detailed descriptions of the products or services on offer. Manifest errors in the offer are non-binding.
  2. hermienvos.com aims to provide images that are truthful representations of the products on offer.
  3. All images of work by Hermien Vos are representations of her work, and as such are only indicative and approximate of the products on offer.
  4. hermienvos.com cannot guarantee that the colors of the images match the real colors of the products.
  5. The offer on hermienvos.com is subject to availability.
  6. If a product or service is subject to expiration and / or to certain conditions, this is explicitly stated in the offer.
  7. hermienvos.com is entitled to adjust or change the products or services available in its webshop, website or otherwise, at any time, unless the product or service is part of a special deal with an expiration date that has not yet passed.


  1. All prices mentioned by and on hermienvos.com are in euros. All prices are inclusive of VAT and do not include other costs such as administration costs, shipping- or transport costs, levies or other costs, unless explicitly stated otherwise or explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. hermienvos.com is entitled to adjust all prices for its products or services available in its webshop, website or otherwise, at any time.
  3. Special deals are non-binding, unless a clear time-frame is explicitly stated in the offer. After this time-frame has expired the special deal will automatically expire.
  4. Special deals are subject to availability.
  5. Special deals do not automatically apply to back-orders, unless agreed upon in writing.


  1. For ready-made products bought in the webshop, the complete purchase order sum is payed at the check-out.

shipping and delivery

  1. hermienvos.com aims to deliver the product swiftly, within one to four weeks, depending on the destination and the season. This delivery period is indicative and does not give the consumer the right to dissolution or compensation if not met.
  2. The delivery period starts after the product has been paid and the consumer has received a confirmation email by hermienvos.com
  3. Delivery takes place at the address the consumer has indicated during the ordering process. The consumer is responsible for providing the correct delivery address.
  4. The consumer must ensure that actual delivery can take place.
  5. If upon delivery, the package of the product is bent, damaged or opened, the consumer must have the forwarder draw up a note stating the package was bent, damaged or opened upon receiving, before receiving the product. In the absence of such a note, hermienvos.com may not be held liable for any damage.
  6. The risk of damage and / or loss is transferred to the consumer at the moment of delivery to the consumer or a previously assigned and disclosed representative.

cooling-off period, cancellation, exchange

  1. The consumer has the right to cancel or exchange an online purchase within a cooling-off period of 14 days without giving any reason. This cooling-off period starts upon reception of the product. After 14 days, the cooling-off period expires automatically.
  2. A product cannot be canceled or exchanged if the product either has been used, is custom-made for the consumer, consists of downloadable content, or when the consumer has renounced his rights of cancelation.
  3. If the consumer wishes to cancel or exchange the purchase, they can write an email to ihearyou (at) hermienvos (dot) com during this cooling-off period, stating the order number and, if applicable, which part of the order they wish to cancel or exchange.
  4. If the consumer is considering cancelation or exchange during the cooling-off period, the consumer is to be careful with the product and the packaging, only unpacking and using the product insofar is necessary to judge if  they want to keep the product or not.
  5. If the consumer decides to cancel or exchange the product, they will return the unused and undamaged product and everything that came with it, if possible in the original undamaged packaging, within 14 days of notifying hermienvos.com. After this period the product can no longer be canceled or exchanged.
  6. The costs for returning the product are to be paid by the consumer.
  7. hermienvos.com will return the purchase sum in full upon receiving the returned product undamaged.
  8. If the product is damaged because of carelessness by the consumer, the consumer is held liable for any devaluation of the product.

force majeure

  1. If hermienvos.com cannot fulfill its part of the agreement due to force majeur, hermienvos.com cannot be held liable.
  2. Force majeure includes every circumstance hermienvos.com could reasonably not take into account at the moment of agreement, like illness, all natural disasters, all acts of war and terrorism, all types of insurrection and strike, power cuts, fire, transportation problems, and any other unforeseen difficulties.
  3. If hermienvos.com cannot fulfill its obligations due to force majeure, these obligations will be suspended until hermienvos.com can comply.
  4. If a force majeure lasts for at least 30 days, both parties have the right to dissolve the agreement.


  1. If the consumer has a complaint, they need to file this at ihearyou (at) hermienvos (dot) com as soon as possible, but within 14 days, stating clearly what the complaint is. hermienvos.com will respond within 14 days after reception and suggest a solution if possible.

Zaltbommel, The Netherlands, May 2021