A course in being

There have been times that I my body didn’t function as I would like it to. Not being able to take part in the daily bustle of life. Learning to give in, stop resisting and find fulfilment in days passing by with nothing done. Finding the strength to give my best despite being in pain and worn out. Embracing life as it is, being truly grateful for all the things I could do. Not taking the seemingly ordinary for granted.

Nowadays, I feel the energy move through my body, fueling my thoughts, energizing my moves. I feel renewed, having a deeper appreciation for the simplest things, like waking up refreshed, being able to go for a walk or even doing something as mundane as weeding or cleaning.

I have learned that doing and being are one, two extremes of a continuum. When done with attention, there is doing in being and being in doing. When I let go of any resistance I feel and simply go with the flow, doing and being get lifted to a higher level. Cleaning becomes as fulfilling as sitting in the sun. Life has never been this peaceful.

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  1. Norea… again you have enlightened my soul… i suppose we hear what we need to hear and read what we need to read… doing and being are one… when first i read this i didn’t fully understand… now i think i do… i shall rememeber, thank you

  2. Welcome back! Doing in being and being in doing… I think that is what it all boils down to, in the end. Thank you for describing this so beautifully!

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    Hi Enreal,
    It is all about the meaning you give to something. Whether it’s working or smelling a rose, when done with the same level of attention and energy, you’ll notice there is no difference between the two, they are of equal quality.

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