Live and learn

I believe Life is a spiritual journey. Everything I encounter on my way has the potential to guide me to my true self. The seemingly insignificant as well as the monumental in appearance, they both are equal opportunities for growth.

‘Can  I be the space for this?’ I ask myself when I feel resistance. Can I accept the opportunity Life is offering me? Am I willing to be taught? Am I open to this present moment?

‘Can I be the space for this?’ means I am fully present. I feel how my body reacts to what is happening. I do not try to avoid what I’m feeling. I try to be transparent, let the feeling pass through me.

‘Can I be the space for this?’ means I react from a space of acceptance. I accept the situation as it is. I accept the consequences of my past actions and future reactions. I accept Life is asking something of me, now.

‘Can I be the space for this?’ means I accept the gift of Life, whatever form it takes. When I’m grateful for everything that comes my way, when I allow all there is in my life to be there,  when I don’t resist life, but accept it for what it is, then even the seemingly small has transformative power.