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My experience is that the process of letting go can’t be forced, only allowed by welcoming EVERYTHING that happens in your life as an opportunity to let go of thoughts and emotions that aren’t working for you. I have made it my primary intent to let go of anything that holds me back from living my full potential. By focusing on that intention, the willingness to go through everything life offers to me and being appreciative of every vessel for transformation, no matter what it looks like, I not only attract into my life plenty of opportunities to let go, I’m also gaining momentum. I have attracted plenty of seemingly pretty shitty experiences, and I got completely stuck in the overwhelming pain some carried. With time I got through them, and although in retrospect, with the knowledge I have now, it sometimes feels like I have wasted time being stuck in those situations, I KNOW that at the time I did the best I could and I feel deep appreciation for all the lessons they provided and the insights I have gained through experiencing them which have brought me where I am today. And by allowing and releasing the pain and fear that is  activated within me, my pain body has become and is becoming less dense and the experiences I am attracting today are of a different quality than before and help me to let go even faster.

What I know for sure is that letting go starts with saying ‘YES’ to all of life’s experiences, not just some. So often we push away what we don’t want to experience and equally crave the experience of what we do want. When you open yourself up to every experience, the pain and the joy, the craving and the resistance, you unlock the door to a life more magnificent than you ever dreamt of. Say ‘YES’ to all that you are. Most of us only love and accept parts of ourselves, or maybe we merely like them. For the most part, we try to suppress the unwanted parts and punish ourselves for feeling and acting a certain way. When you have the courage to allow all of yourself, even the parts you fear to show most, you will be equalized, you will be in harmony with yourself. And in that state, you will line up with the grandest version of yourself.

When you start seeing your life and your personality as means of transformation, as ways to become free of pain and fear, you will start seeing the blessing in every moment. Everything life hands you, will become a gift. You will learn to see that the wrapping does not affect the quality of the gift. You will rediscover the joy of unwrapping and the delight of receiving a personalized gift. Life will become awesome.

May you welcome every opportunity life has to offer to you right NOW and allow your life to help you let go of all the thoughts and emotions you have carried with you for too long. May you be free. Namasté.


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