System reset



I wish I could tell you what healing feels like. I wish I could tell you how it affects one’s life. But I can’t. Even after having healed several parts of my life, I am still speechless. The miracle of healing is a system reset. The old parameters simply don’t exist anymore. The past has happened, and I can remember it, but memories that stood out have lost their sting, becoming just another memory in the stream of memories that is my past. The beliefs and consequent suffering that were attached to them are gone, and I cannot remember what my life felt like prior to the healing. I cannot remember the pain.

I wish I could tell you what it feels like to all of a sudden stop doing things you have done for a lifetime and start doing things that before you shrieked away from. To be relaxed where before you were stressed, or to know that everything will be allright where before you were sure the heavens would come down on you. I wish I could tell you what it feels like to be emotionally light, to not be tied to the past anymore or worried by the future, to be free-floating in this moment. To be able to feel fear, see it for what it is and choose grace instead. To have no shame left. But I can’t, it is indescribable.

The thing I can say about miracles is that they are the result of a shift from the mind to the heart. When we stop giving attention to the mind and start giving attention to the heart, we go from a mind-perceived world to a heart-perceived world, or soul-perceived world.  When we shift from ‘why did this happen (to me, to us)?’ to ‘how can this help me / us heal?’,  and are willing to forgive and love for no other reason than love, then healing happens and miracles occur.


photo by Whrelf Siemens

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