The story of a lifetime

Standing at the foot of a 2200-year old Sequoia, taking in its hugeness, I was moved to tears. This tree had risen to the occasion. It had survived forest fires and massive changes to its habitat. Although its crown had  been severed, it was still far over 300 feet.  Touching its bark, feeling its powerful energy, I was deeply aware that we came from the same Source and understood perfectly we were made of the same energy. I felt one with that massive tree, it instilled in me a sense of  a greatness I had not felt before. A humbling experience.

That tree had done nothing but be a Sequoia, its whole life. It started out as the tiniest of seeds, it sprouted and grew toward the light. Time, its nature to always seek the light, and the ingenious evolution of its 12″ thick bark had made that tree one of the largest trees on earth. I realized that I am like that tree. Sure, I will not live to be a 2200 years, but then again I don’t need to either, it is not my nature.  All I need to do is be who I was born to be. By chosing light over darkness anytime, no matter what, I will become all I was meant to be. Just like that Giant Sequoia. 

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  1. Beautiful. I’d love to see the pic 🙂

    I haven’t seen a tree as old as thousands of years but there are plenty of hundreds-years-old trees nearby. Even fewer, are those who felt so humbling.

    But hey, I can also enjoy days-old grass 🙂

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    Dear Rizal,
    Where I live, we also have trees that are hundreds of years old. And I love them, but the energy the exude is different. These trees were so big, I couldn’t wrap my head around it and my mind quietened. All that was left was the experience of that tree. It was AWESOME! _/_ Norea

  4. trees are not just the trees,
    they are the silent witness,
    of the life passing under,

    the tired traveler, sometimes sad,
    sometimes in joy,
    sometime is grief unspoken,
    also the bliss unimagined,

    seen it all and stood tall,
    a tree has to live long,
    so does it sways with the wind and
    be there in the present,

    nowhere to come from,
    nowhere to go for,
    just be there,
    the present of every moment..

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    Dear Becca,
    Thank you for your kind words and for the award. Although I’m responding late, I feel honored by the gesture. I haven’t read a lot of blogs lately, so no 5 names come to mind directly, but rest assure that I will do my homework and will pass it on in due time. Namaste!

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