True love

My love and I go back a long time. Almost 18 years, more than half of my life. I met him when I was 17 and  I married him at 22. Looking back, I was young and naive, believing this relationship would fix anything that wasn’t working, believing I needed him to make me whole.  As you might imagine, it has not been an easy ride. Many times my illusions were shattered, I felt shattered,  wishing I was alone or with someone else, wishing I had met him at a later time in my life, more mature, more me. 

Looking back, I have developed a different outlook. Being in this relationship, I learn the lessons I need to learn to be me. Over the past years, our relationship has been evolving from a traditional relationship to a more spiritual partnership in which we are getting more and more aware of our roles in nurturing each other’s spiritual growth. He is the one who helps me find my true north, who sees (glimpses of) all I can be, who is always supportive of my true self. And he is the one who can  push all my buttons, pointing me to where I need to look inside, to where I need healing in order to grow. 

I feel truly blessed to have met such an empowering soul mate, with whom I have created such a rich and soulful love.   I am grateful for the opportunity to share this love with the little girl that has been sent our way. I am thankful for the abundant love I receive in this life.

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  1. I’ve been with my wife for 10 years, and I totally relate to what you are saying. Sometimes our relationship is great, and sometimes I’m ready to give it up. Do you ever feel like that? What keeps you together through the hard times?

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    Hi Kayci,
    I did, until I realized that I’m the change I want to see in my relationship. Stephen Covey taught me that love is a verb. I make it a conscious effort to love him. And nowadays when things get rough, I go inside. I have learned that what happens on the outside is merely a reflection of what is going on the inside. By changing my perspective, I change the relationship.

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